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Found 25 results

  1. WhiteWolf44

    True or false? "New Maycon Mayers.."

    True or false? I'm in doubt, so I decided to ask for help from you guys who have been consuming this type of content for a long time, this video was posted on a Brazilian YouTube channel, the author is Brazilian, and several times he claims to be a psychopath, but I want to your opinion, is it real or false ?, i'm sure i'll have a great job to arrest him, but the boldness of the individual made me angry .. and now i just want to arrest this guy. 333_333_333.mp4.mp4
  2. Together with the CJNG (Jalisco New Generation Cartel) & The Gulf Cartel behead two Sicario's of alleged leader of the Sinaloa Cartel "El Mayo" Ismael Zambada. >News Story< Vídeo Indignarte donde el Cartel del Golfo junto a su aliado.mp4
  3. I think it's a bull or cow, hard to tell. He must have been going at some speed to do that much damage. bull.mp4
  4. Sic

    Smeared & Dragged

    How do they not even know?! WTF? Crazy! Smeared and dragged video.mp4
  5. Maggot

    Insides Out

    That's a lot of dog food. insides.mp4
  6. Don't know if this is old or new? But the info i got says the father beheaded his children because they didn't want to got to school to learn. Then he hung himself. Fucktard of the highest degree! Man beheads his own kids for not going to school.mp4
  7. Indian Gore Compilation One of my old comps to get the ball rolling for the December Media of the Month competition. Apologies for the large watermark, but I never saved the original video I made, and this version still had the wm added from DA. Indian Gore Compilation _ The Darkzone.mp4
  8. Maggot

    Heap of Meat

    Aftermath of an accident which made a meat pie of a woman. WhatsApp Video 2020-03-10 at 19.06.34.mp4
  9. No love for there fallen cartel members. Info is sketchy. Police have not confirmed. It seemed some CDG sicario's were killed during a shootout with police in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. Fleeing members then dumped there dead along the side of the road.
  10. Los Zetas capture a sicario (hitman) from their rival the CDN cartel (Cartel De Noreste). The CDN was once part of Los Zetas before splitting off and becoming rivals with Los Zetas. This sicario was traveling with 3 other hitmen and going to Nuevo Laredo when he was somehow identified & captured. In the video, Zetas wearing military gear, armed to the teeth & masks interrogate the naked man. Then without mercy start hacking off his feet, then hands & eventually finish him off by beheading.Then they riddle his beheaded corpse with bullets. zetas.mp4
  11. No info on this video. Brutality in the Brazilian Slums.mp4
  12. Sic

    Xenophobia at its finest

    Angolians warning Nigerians to stay out.mp4 Angolans warning Nigerian residents to stay in their own country. Angolians warning Nigerians to stay out2.mp4
  13. Sic

    Frozen Thai Mommy

    From Thailand, 11/25/2019. A mentally unstable son murdered his mom for reasons unknown. Police were called and found the son inside dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. They discovered the dismembered mom in the freezer shortly after.
  14. Maggot

    Biker Smeared by Cement Truck

    Maybe not the longest, but one of the better smears I've seen for a while. WhatsApp Video 2019-11-06 at 15.42.38.mp4
  15. Maggot

    He's Done That Before

    Guy cleaning up one hell of a mess like it's spilled rice. I love the way it's just dumped in a bin bag. Video 2019-10-01 at 05.17.38.mp4
  16. Sic

    Two Heads Are Better Than One

    They're having a good time :thumbsup:. Two men are beheaded and put on display.mp4
  17. From Mexico, 3/16/2019. No info on this. Looks like an entire family was shot inside a car for whatever reason. They didn't spare the small child neither. Family shot inside vehicle.mp4
  18. I know that a majority of us here at DZ are looking for gore related KHANTENT but what about other stuff? What interests you other than gore? Pr0n? (Do you come here to get your jollies off?) Crime? (Interested in viewing crime investigations or police interrogations?) Comedy? (Would you like to see more funny stuff posted in the funny section?) Discussions? (Do you just come here to interact with the community regardless of the content we post?) Polls? (Are you just a poll junkie who comes here to click buttons and share statistics?) What do you feel would benefit our community more other than gore? You can chose 2 of your favourites other than gore, select what matters to you the most! I'm interested in your opinions, for me I'm here for the community discussions & crime but I totally dabble with the funnies too!
  19. Sic


    Chop that wood! Savagery at its best. HackAThon!.mp4
  20. Paramedics apply a tourniquet to a man that had his arm ripped off by a moving train.Braz Arm ripped off by train.mp4
  21. One of the most violent deaths I've ever seen on video. The way he stares into the camera is unnerving. Disemboweled Alive _ The Darkzone.mp4
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